A Journey of Fragrance


Established in 2009, I-Scent Marketing Enterprise Sdn Bhd has come a long way from its small enterprise days.

In line with an expansion strategy and ability to garner new brands, the company has since been appointed as distributors and sub distributors in the arena of fragrances and cosmetics in Malaysia.


At I-Scent Marketing, led by our highly experienced management team, our team of fragrance experts continues to explore, innovate and develop new scent of fragrances, brands, and beauty products that go beyond our consumers needs and expectations. With such aims, we continue to work with various high profiled manufacturers, ingredients suppliers and brands’ principals in bringing in variety of fragrances with unique and captivating scents into the Malaysian market. To enable a larger group of consumers to enjoy the benefits of our products, our company continues to venture into new market segments and territory, especially into the ASEAN region and East Asia Region.